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People-oriented, morality first, management of people's hearts

JSD has adhered to the talent concept of "people-oriented, ethics first, and management of people's hearts" for many years, and the company has achieved leapfrog large-scale development. The company attaches great importance to the work of talents, and always regards the development and utilization of human resources as a major strategy for corporate development, and lists the “talent project” of “attracting, employing, creating and retaining talents” as one of the company’s “four major projects”. 1. An efficient, professional, and systematic human resource introduction, cultivation, assessment, incentive, and planning management system has been formed to build a high ground for human resource management and provide a strong guarantee for the sustainable development of JSD

"Inclusive of all rivers and rivers, let the dragon take off; thousands of boats compete, let the heroes compete for the first." JSD respects talents, cares for talents, gathers, uses, educates, and retains talents well, creating a good atmosphere of "encouraging talents to do their jobs, supporting talents to do their jobs, and helping them to do their jobs", and gathers a large number of loyal companies Backbone talents who are good at management, understand management, strong pioneering, and dare to innovate, make JSD truly a "home of entrepreneurship and a fertile ground for talent."

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  • Sales RepresentativeView details

    Place of workShenZhen

    Salary and treatmentNegotiable

    educationOllege Degree And Above

    Number of recruits10

    Work Description:
    1. Develop personal daily, weekly, and monthly work plans according to the company and department's sales strategy, and promote the implementation;
    2. Complete the corresponding sales tasks assigned by the investment promotion department every month to improve the company's sales performance;
    3. Through the Internet, company resources, own personal network and other channels to find potential customer resources for customer development, negotiation, follow-up, signing and customer maintenance;
    4. Maintenance, service, and assistance to agents' customer conditions; solving the difficult problems of agents in the process of customer development and customer maintenance;
    5. Responsible for expanding the company's target customers and cooperating with the company's requirements to strengthen cooperation and communication with agents;
    6. Assist the department director to complete the company's daily related work, and coordinate to complete the performance goals of the department (team), etc.;
    7. Those who have industry experience and team management experience are qualified for the position of channel manager.

    Job Requirements:
    1. College degree or above, 1-2 years of work experience in the sales industry;
    2. Those with a background in sales and other industries are preferred, and excellent fresh graduates who are committed to the development of the sales industry are also welcome;
    3. Familiar with the search and development of various channel resources, be good at integrating resources, and have good insight and analysis capabilities;
    4. Possess excellent problem-analyzing and problem-solving thinking and ability, and strong communication, expression and negotiation skills;
    5. Be proactive, have a strong sense of responsibility, work steadfastly, and have a good ability to withstand pressure; no gender limit;

    6. Have a good sense of service, can provide professional guidance according to customer needs and actual conditions, promote cooperation between the two parties, and maintain a good cooperative relationship with customers.

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