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The difference between high camera and scanner
Release Time:2021-7-26 18:31:52
Gaopaiyi is a new type of electronic product, its volume is less than one-tenth of the traditional scanner. And it's easy to carry. Take the Zhizhuo high camera for example, now it's all foldable, lightweight and convenient. The scanning speed of the high-speed camera is fast, one sheet per second, but the traditional scanner is not so convenient and fast.
Advantages of Gaopaiyi: easy to install, easy to make, portable, low price, fast
Disadvantages of the high-speed camera: the shooting is easily affected by the strong light environment, and the image clarity is not very high
Scanner advantages: closed light source, clear imaging
Scanner disadvantages: expensive, complicated installation, complicated cao operation
Daily office, if it is not demanding, it is used to collect, organize and archive data, so Gaopaiyi is still very suitable

Gao Paiyi can bring benefits that scanners can’t:
1. Quickly scan and save in one second.
2. Improve work efficiency without waiting for the time of traditional scanners.
3. Strengthen document control ability, realize document digitization, reduce the risk of document loss or damage, and share documents.
4. Save the space occupied by paper documents and eliminate the space of storage devices.

High-speed camera and scanner have their own advantages and disadvantages:
1. Gaopaiyi: Cao is simple to make and can automatically process the captured pictures, which is conducive to jobs with a large amount of scanning, such as banking business windows, government external office windows, and so on. Disadvantages, the quality of the picture is lower than the quality of the picture scanned by the scanner.

2. Scanner: The advantage is that the scanning effect is good, but the disadvantage is that the cao process is complicated, power consumption, and the scanned pictures are large, usually several megabytes. Post-processing is troublesome, archiving, transmission troublesome, and maintenance troublesome.

The choice of products mainly depends on where you need to apply
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